How did you get into the industry?

I saw an opportunity in the restaurant sector. I invested in different restaurants. I saw this ghost kitchen concept was coming slowly and I knew we needed to do something new and trendy. We created the first ghost kitchen in Miami.

What’s new in the franchise model or how are you differentiated from your competition?

Today, we are the first ghost kitchen franchise model in the states.

Where do you see opportunities or challenges for the franchise moving forward?

I see tons of opportunities and challenges. I see the franchise restaurant and food markets — you see mostly burgers, sandwiches, or yogurts. You don’t see anything oriented for the future. I know that Local Culinary will bring the future in this industry. Today, The Local Culinary is a different approach for a franchisee entering into the market and will revolutionize the industry.

What are your unique points of training and support?

In terms of training, our onboarding process is very simple. This is a very simple model. This isn’t complicated. Cooking training and installation of our platforms and processes. At the end, you don’t have customer experience or decor that you would need in a different model.

We are offering training here in our kitchen in Miami. They are welcome here in our kitchen anytime. Also, our chef comes on site to train in their kitchen during operation.

Define your Franchise Model:

    1. Training and Support Model?

    See above, plus…

    • Constructing Your Location
    • Hiring and Training Employees
    • Equipment, signs, inventory
    • Manuals, Documents and Training
    • Advertising


    1. What is the Fee Structure?

                 Franchise fee: $50K

                Marketing Fund: 1%

                Royalty Fee: 6%


    1. Territory Definition?

                100,000 to 250,000 people

What does your franchisee do in the business every day?

Very very simple as a process. This person would produce their food items that the system is telling them to. If they have an iPad and the order comes in, they fulfill it. They need to have the cooking operation, pack it, label it. Then the driver shows up and takes it. That’s it. There are no customers to deal with or headaches of the management of staff.

Who is the ideal franchise candidate?

Someone who can follow the process and our proven model. A multi-unit investor is ideal. I want someone to invest in 10 or 15 locations. Someone who is coming from a background in the restaurant industry. Someone who is a millennial would work for this. This is a pioneer model and a new style.

What goals do you have for the franchise model in the future?

I want to revolutionize the industry. I want 10 to 15 locations per state. This is the goal. This is very achievable.


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