How did you get into the industry?

During my career in the traveling

amusement industry we have the winter months off. I love to work and was looking for something to do in the slow winter months. I applied at a local moving company and was able to become a subcontractor. 

What’s New in the Business or in the Franchise Model?

Where do you See Opportunities or Challenges for the Franchise/Business Moving Forward?

■The moving industry is a very attractive business for three main reasons; size, lack of professionalism, and resilience to economic change. Follow some data and assumptions around these pillars.

■First of all, the moving industry is huge! According to U.S. Census Bureau, 11.2% of the US population moved in 2016, over 36,000,000 people or 1 out of 9 Americans moving every year. Think about your family and friends, how many of them moved or are planning to do so this year? The opportunity is established from the numbers below:
■As September 2017, the moving industry in the US was estimated to be $18bn
■Annual growth: 2.8%
■Employment: over 120,000 people
■Number of companies: over 16,000 businesses
■Secondly, the lack of professionalism. Even though the number of companies is substantial high, only a few companies compete on the top at a national level. Most companies are small, employing fewer than 5 people, do not have procedures in place, and/ or lack the proper level of insurance such as workers compensation, which is a big factor that separates professional companies from amateurs.
■Another important factor that set professionals apart is customer service. Amateurs don’t have time or money to put in customer service. Therefore, professional companies will invest to provide the best experience for their clients, reflecting their reputation on
the market. Qualified companies will have the best reviews online across independent websites such as BBB, Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, and so forth. Professional companies will also be involved in community events, which strengths their image and reputation.
■Lastly, the moving industry responds well to economic changes. If the economy is booming, people will be moving to bigger houses and all over the country. Meaning plenty of opportunities for moving companies. On the other hand, if the economy faces a depression people will still move, yet this time they might need to downgrade for a smaller home or move locally instead of interstate. This is the time where many mom and pop companies will go out of business, which might benefit larger companies.

What is your Goal for the Business Moving Forward?

Finding the right motivated candidate to duplicate the success we have had in the first three locations. To sell the franchises in 2020. To sell more franchises in ao around our other locations in Florida and Alabama

■To be THE BEST, highest RATED local and long distance moving company nationwide and A MODEL to the industry.

■To take one of life’s most stressful events and make it EZ.

■Our vision is to grow and develop young leaders so they can make an impact in the personal and professional lives.

Talk to us About Training and Support, How Do You Deliver?

■One of the greatest reasons to choose Brothers EZ Moving is our Franchise support system.

■A call center for sales support. We keep phone lines going from 8:00am till 9:00 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 to 4:00 on Monday Eastern standard.

■A one week training course in Tampa , Florida at our corporate headquarters.

■Be personally coached by Gary Thacker the founder and owner of Brothers EZ Moving. Available anytime for support with questions and concerns.

Your Most Difficult Moment at the Franchise Business?

Selling the first franchises to prove the model.

How is your Franchise Model Structured?

You will be assigned an Exclusive Territory that will typically be a portion of a city, an area within a group of zip codes, depending on the number of residential moving companies in the territory and the demographics in the area.
You must operate your business from an office in a commercial building that has been accepted by us.

Your Exclusive Territory provides a specific area within which we will not operate nor will we allow another Brothers EZ Moving franchise to locate an office in or to serve customers within your Exclusive Territory. We will not establish franchised moving services nor open company units to provide competing services under any other name within your Exclusive Territory during the term of this agreement.

Who is the Ideal Franchise Candidate?

■Motivated Enthusiastic Honest Hungry
■50 to 60 hours per week to start six days a week starting out
■Operations supervision/management background
■Bachelors degree minimum
■$85,000 minimum to invest
■$75,000 in savings or credit
■$200,000 net worth minimum
■Excellent communication and customer service

Success Stories and Failures with Franchisees?

We sold our first franchise in a very small market in Florence Alabama and growing like we did in Tampa in the first two years.

For more information, visit the Brothers EZ Moving site: