How did you get into the cabinetry refacing industry?

I’ve been doing home improvements since 1997. Basically, I couldn’t find anyone that could do what I wanted to do, which is reface or modify cabinetry inexpensively. I was losing jobs quoting all new cabinetry, so I knew I needed to offer something as an alternative to compliment my already successful home improvement company. That’s when I chose to start About Face in 2007.

What’s new in the About Face Cabinetry franchise model or how are you differentiated from your competition?

We are the only refacing company that offers the original owner/purchaser of the home a lifetime warranty on the laminate work, cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Also, most jobs are completed in 5 business days or less. And we are paid in full on job completion keeping a positive cash flow.

One of the things franchisees need to know is that we have better than average margins. Our margins are STRONG and they will see it on paper for all recent jobs. Not just the good jobs but all of them. This is an incredible opportunity to bring in revenue within our proven system.

Where do you see opportunities or challenges for the About Face Cabinetry franchise moving forward?

There is a real opportunity for quick expansion as we offer an affordable, sustainable alternative to cabinet replacement. We are recession-resistant, so I see tons of opportunity to grow. In fact. we have had to shut off marketing frequently because we have too much work.

What are your unique elements in the About Face Cabinetry of training and support?

We have hands-on training for our franchisees. They will see our territory daily operations and will need to be with us for a minimum of one week at our corporate location. We will also teach our franchise partners how to increase revenue with numerous additional cabinet offerings such as soft close drawers, cabinet pull outs, soft close hinges, laminate and door upgrades and countertops. We have ways of going beyond just cabinet refacing… we will teach our franchisees how to generate more revenue at the close of the sale.

We have ongoing perpetual support beyond initial training but truly goes beyond that. We always train on new products, new techniques and new product offerings. We want them to be successful.

Have you had a difficult moment within the About Face Cabinetry franchise expansion?

Not at all! I’ve already billed my first franchisee for his first month’s supplies and he is up and running and has now over 50K in contracts his first 15 days open!

Define the About Face Cabinetry Franchise Model:

A. Training and Support Model?

Training is one week hands on at corporate covering technical, functional, strategic, marketing/sales, installation and then the franchisee’s location. Marketing guidance, ongoing operational support, and consistent updates are all included in support.


B. What is the Fee Structure?

Franchise fee is $35,000 and royalties are 6% of gross sales


C. Territory Definition?

Exclusive territory of around 500,000-1,000,000 people.

What does the About Face Cabinetry franchisee do in the business every day?

The franchisee will have a team of at a minimum one full time sales person, one full time project manager and two full time technicians. Overseeing this staff, fielding phone calls and leads, setting appointments, preliminary measurements, providing estimates, providing a final measure, signing contracts, and collecting deposits are all part of the daily responsibilities of the franchisee.

Who is the ideal franchise candidate for About Face?

The ideal candidate is an owner/operator who understands the home improvement field and who has some experience in dealing in home improvement. They can use a measure tape, they can understand how the process works, they have some “hand on” mechanical knowledge in home improvement. If someone has never operated a saw, drill or has zero equipment knowledge, we most likely will not bring them on. They need these basic skills and we can teach them everything else.

Success stories and failures with franchisees within the About Face Cabinetry network?

Our first franchisee (who has been working in cabinets for over 25 years) has been a HUGE success. This was a slam dunk! He is already signing contracts. He said to me “I just love this system. It’s so easy to operate.” He sees how this is a smooth-running machine and I am confident all of our franchisees will feel the same. Our second franchisee is already getting leads and working estimates.

What goals do you have for the About Face franchise model in the future?

Our number one goal is to be the iconic name in Cabinet Refacing. In other words, we want to be the “McDonalds” of cabinets. When people see the About Face logo, they think of cabinets, because it is all about the face.

Our tagline is “ ½ the cost, ½ the time, ½ the mess”. We want to be a national, household name.

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