How did you get into the Acai Bowl, Healthy Food Service Industry?

In early 2016, I was working in film, and I had earned my series 7 license, but I wanted to make a change. I noticed that acai and smoothie bowl restaurants were taking the West Coast by storm, and were moving east, so I decided to get involved. A friend of my father’s was looking to rent out a space and do a juice bar and we agreed acai bowls were the next hot food trend.

What’s new in the Baya Bowl franchise model and how does it differentiate from others in the healthy food service market?

Our franchise model stands out from other acai and smoothie bowl restaurants due to our portion size and toppings. People love toppings. I knew that would play into our favor. It’s more of a meal replacement than a snack. I can go after the breakfast, lunch, and dinner crowd. Our details will definitely move us forward in the market.

Where do you see opportunities and/or challenges for the Baya Bowl Franchise business moving forward?

I want to give this opportunity to other entrepreneurs. There are plenty of people struggling, people who don’t love the 9 to 5. I want to help other hard working people build their own business. They may not know how to do it, but they can follow our process. We can change lives.

What are your unique selling points in the Baya Bowl Franchise related to training and support?

We will bring in our franchise partners and give them hands on training that is fully detailed and covers everything they need to know, followed by mentorship for one week at their location.

We give our franchisees access to our in-house real estate agent for site selection and access to our team of accounting professionals.

Your most difficult moment in franchising?

Finding the right candidates to run the business can be difficult.  We’ve gone through the initial roll out phases of launching Baya Bar and are working diligently to only award franchises to people we feel match up with our mission, goals and vision for the brand.  

Define your Franchise Model:

A. Training and Support Model?

Corporate training session, one week at an existing location, then one week following each franchisee’s opening at their location.


B. What is the Fee Structure?

$30,000 franchise fee

5% royalty fees

1% local marketing fees


C. Territory Definition?

Around 50,000 population center.

What does a Baya Bowl franchisee do in the business every day?

They will oversee at small staff, manage inventory and books, be the face of their Baya Bar within their community, and do other basic business management tasks.

Who is the ideal franchise candidate for a Baya Bowl Franchise?

We want someone who is health-oriented and grasps the importance of what Baya Bar is trying to accomplish. We need someone who is outgoing, personable, and who can utilize social media powerfully.

What goals do you have for the Baya Bowl franchise and brand in the future?

My goal is 3 tiered: to create a strong well known brand across the nation; to bring great tasting healthy food to the masses; and to help consumers become more aware of what they are putting into their bodies.

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