Franchise Interview: Chad Biel, Owner & Founder

How did you get into the industry? One of my first jobs was washing dishes. Then, I was given an opportunity to start cooking and I fell in love with it. I worked my way through the restaurant business working as a chef, manager, general manager, corporate trainer and then owner. I’ve had the honor of helping to open up 13 restaurants in my career.  Tell us about your franchise model. Bohemian Bull is a craft beer and burger restaurant ...

Franchise Interview: Skyler Pearson, CEO

How did you get into the industry?  It started my sophomore year of high school where I became a medical assistant. From there I began working in nursing homes, hospice, and emergency rooms. While doing this I realized I wanted to be in a more positive environment on making the world a beautiful place and went back to school to become a master esthetician and laser safety officer. Upon realizing this I started my first business in teeth whitening. While ...

Franchise Interview: Bill Violette, GO4ER Partner

How did you get into the industry?  I was in business with needs for on-demand shipping. I associated often with businesses often needing things shipped quickly. This is how the idea for GO4ER began. GO4ER allows new and existing couriers to increase their capacity with drivers, staff, and equipment. People can go anywhere and still work, still have their business thriving, no matter their geographical location. As long as they have the internet, they can function. If there isn’t a ...

Franchise Interview: Jeff Furse, Founder and CEO of Knickerbockers Deli

How did you get into the industry?My first job was in the restaurant business. More specifically, I was flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant. Over the next several years, I realized I had a talent in managing people and managing food. I had a natural inclination for the restaurant industry and really fell in love with the business. What’s New in the Business or in the Franchise Model?We’ve created a unique concept that has at first existed in office ...
all in adventures

Franchise Interview: John Reichel, Founder of All in Adventures

How did you get into the industry?I wanted to create a family friendly space that had a variety of activities that was attractive to all generations. My vision was to give parents and kids an activity where they would all have fun, put down the phones, and engage in problem-solving and challenges where they had to communicate. We were one of the first escape rooms in the country. What’s New in the Business or in the Franchise Model?We will continue ...

Franchise Interview: Jeimy Flournoy, Owner of Salon809

How did you get into the industry?When I was 15 years old, I moved back to Dominican Republic. There, I worked in a salon and gained tons of experience. By the time I moved back to the U.S., I was ready to open my own salon within my basement. I successfully operated the salon out of my home for a year before taking a break to start a family. When I resumed my career path, I knew that opening a ...
at home hearing healthcare

Franchise Interview: Michael Schmit, Founder and CEO of At Home Hearing Healthcare

How did you get into the industry? My family owned a hearing aid office in Sterling Illinois. I was an apprentice at their practice. What’s New in the Business or in the Franchise Model? The hearing industry is changing rapidly. 3rd party referral and payment sources are now covering almost everyone with either a direct benefit or an indirect discount plan. OTC hearing aids have been approved by the legislature and should be legally available soon. Combine these issues with ...
amethyst house cleaning

Amethyst House Cleaning Interview

How did you get into the industry?There were a few ladies at my church that didn’t have work, so I asked around to see if anyone wanted their house cleaned, and we started cleaning houses. What’s New in the Business or in the Franchise Model?Due to world events, there are many more germaphobes in the world than there were before, so more people need our services. Also, people are working and studying from home so their houses get much dirtier ...
hometown restoration

Franchise Interview: Bradley Gardner, Founder and President of Hometown Restoration

How did you get into the industry?In 2014, I was working as an insurance agent. Time and again, I would visit with clients after a disaster and, each time disaster struck, I realized something: homeowners in Mississippi were desperately in need of a building contractor who understood insurance.I started Hometown Restoration primarily because I saw a gap that needed to be filled between insurance companies and homeowners. What I had learned was there were a lot of claims that were ...
bloomin blinds

Franchise Interview: Kelsey Stuart, Co-Founder and CEO of Bloomin’ Blinds

How did you get into the industry?My mom is a serial entrepreneur. When my brothers and I were in high school, she saw an article for a blind cleaning machine and she bought the machine. She started cleaning and repairing blinds in our town just outside of Seattle. I grew up with her business overtaking our garage.After a divorce and some life changes, my mom moved to Dallas. When I visited her there, I immediately saw the potential of a ...